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These Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Lookalikes Are Seriously Freaky — See the Pics!

We’re freaked out by this. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s May 19 wedding is quickly approaching, and some royal fans are clearly more excited than others. In fact, the latest set of lookalikes has gone above and beyond.

A few weeks ago, a couple who literally looks just like Meghan and Harry stepped out to go shopping at Smeg London, which is an appliance store. The weirdest part? The unidentified duo mimicked a lot of the real royal couple’s mannerisms. They were even posing and hiding from paparazzi like they were really Meghan and Harry!

meghan markle prince harry getty images

What’s even crazier is that they’re not the only people out there who resemble the prince and his former-actress fiancée. Stephanie Murray is also a spitting image of the Suits star. “I’ve been approached in the street, at restaurants, the gym, even at the grocery store,” the Aussie retail manager told Australia’s Woman’s Day in a new interview. “The comments have become a lot more frequent.” So interesting…

She even gushed that she has similar taste to Meghan. “Harry seems witty, funny, cheeky, charming, handsome and gentlemanly,” she shared.”I’m certainly looking for those qualities in a man, too.” We wonder if this lookalike duo is as educated on the royal couple as Stephanie is…

meghan markle now to love

The royal wedding is just days away, and while we’re sure all of these lookalikes won’t be attending, hundreds of other people will. Especially Harry’s great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, who just officially gave her consent for them to marry, as well as his dad, Prince Charles, who recently gushed about the nuptials. “It’s absolutely marvelous. I’m sure it will be a very special day for everybody,” he said of his son’s wedding. We can’t wait for the big day!

Scroll through the gallery below to see the photos of the lookalikes!