The nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are less than three months away, which means security around Kensington Palace will undoubtedly beef up. But after a letter containing white powder and a racist message was reportedly addressed to the couple and sent to St. James Palace on Feb. 12, police have launched a full-blown investigation into the incident and the couple’s security.

The Evening Standard reports that specialists rushed to the scene to test the substance and at first, law enforcement worried the letter contained anthrax — a bacterial disease causing skin ulcerations or pneumonia — but later confirmed it was harmless. Thankfully, the mail was intercepted before it could get in Harry or Meghan’s hands, however, they were notified of the situation.

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The Metropolitan Police told E! News, “Police are investigating after a package containing a substance was delivered to St. James’ Palace on Monday, Feb. 12. The substance was tested and confirmed as non-suspicious. Officers are also investigating an allegation of malicious communications which relates to the same package.”

Oddly enough, the day after on Feb. 13, another package containing white powder arrived at the Palace of Westminster. The Metropolitan Police’s counter-terrorism command was called on both occasions and tried to figure out if the two were linked. So far, no arrests have been made.

Before this scare, Meghan was reportedly looking for a professional martial arts trainer to teach her about self-defense back in December. “Meghan will be trained in many different [areas], including what public places she should avoid, what she should do if she was ever approached and attacked in public, and how to release herself from a situation like that,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. And on top of that, she will always have 24-hour royal protection by her side.

This is the first security scare involving Meghan who will become an official member of the royal family after the wedding on May 19, 2018, at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. Neither Harry nor Meghan have acknowledged the suspicious letter at this time.

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