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Prince Harry Is Starting to Go Bald Just Like His Big Brother Prince William

After the news of the royal engagement broke and we got a load of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s official engagement photos, we were left with just one question — uh, is Prince Harry balding? (Okay, and whose side should we sit on at the wedding ceremony, but that’s a less pressing concern right now.) We can’t say we’d really noticed much before, but all of a sudden, we were transfixed. There it was, a spot at the back of Harry’s head where he was looking, well, not so hairy. And then when he and his fiancée stepped out for their first royal event as an engaged couple, we finally caught a full glimpse at the back of the prince. And we saw it — what could only be identified as a big ol’ bald spot right at the crown of the royal’s head.

With the question of Harry’s balding confirmed, suddenly we had a million more questions. Like when did Harry start balding? How long has this been going on? Did everybody but us know? What does Meghan think? And, most importantly, how did we not notice?

We took a look back through the years, and as it turns out, Prince Harry’s bald spot has been steadily growing for a while now — much to his brother’s delight, we’re sure. Prince William has been the butt of more than his fair share of hair loss jokes, from Harry, the media, and even his own wife. Now that Harry’s facing a similar fate, we can only imagine the sibling revenge must be out in full force. Check out our gallery below to see Prince Harry’s bald spot bloom over the years.