At a whopping cost of $23,000 per year, it’s no surprise the lunch menu at Prince George’s new school doesn’t have pizza and PB&J on it. The four-year-old royal began at London’s Thomas’s Battersea today — and he looked so cute with his little uniform and backpack!

Since George wasn’t carrying a lunch box, royal fans were quick to wonder what Prince William and Kate Middleton’s son would be eating during his school days. According to Radar Online, “Lunch options include salmon, lamb, BBQ pork, and vegetarian options such as freshly baked courgette. The well-rounded meals also feature healthy organic carbs such as quinoa and Mediterranean cous cous, while dessert consists of steamed jam and coconut sponge with organic custard.” Excuse us.

Hello Magazine also reports that the school gives out lighter meals in the spring and heavier meals in the winter as well. The students will get a meat, fish, or vegetarian choice. And if a child has allergies, there will be dairy, egg, and gluten-free options. Along with lunch, students will also receive a mid-morning snack like organic milk, water, or fruit. Some lunch options may also include homemade soups, turkey and ham pie, as well as different kinds of green vegetables including spinach and broccoli. And don’t worry, they’re leaving room for dessert with options like cookies, smoothies, milkshakes, fruit, and more!

William dropped his little boy off to school this morning (as expected). “It’s very important to both of them that George enjoys as normal a childhood as possible, particularly as he settles into a new school, and for them, this includes dropping him off at the school gates,” a source said of the couple. However, Kate — who is pregnant with her third child! — had to stay back as she battles severe morning sickness. Good luck, George — we hope you have the best year!