This fall, Prince George, 5, will return to school at St Thomas’s Battersea in London and will reportedly be taking many new classes including history, geography, and ballet! According to Grazia Daily, the school’s website states that dance classes help “develop students’ physical skills, stamina, creativity, expression, and musicality, using a range of sounds and musical styles.” If George loves his new dance classes then he can also try out for the St Thomas’s Battersea after school-program for extra ballet lessons — how fun! 

(photo credit: getty images)

“Extra Ballet pupils visit the Royal Opera House and watch the ballet company perform either on stage or backstage during one of their morning warm-up classes,” the school’s website says. Students can also get the chance to have an end-of-year recital for their parents. “This usually happens after the exams and is a great opportunity for parents to see the work and effort involved in exam preparation,” the site states. So if George wants his parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, to see his performance, then they can have front row seats!

Not surprisingly, George’s private school isn’t cheap — Grazia Daily reported that tuition costs around $25,924 per year. Kids normally start the school at age four and leave at around age 11 or at age 13. At the school, George can also learn to “become increasingly independent and confident and begin to relish the opportunity to tackle new challenges presented to [him] across the broad curriculum.” 

(photo credit: getty images)

The young royal must be excited to start school in the fall but, according to Grazia Daily, he’ll reportedly have to buy his own lunches when he returns to class. Apparently, the school does not allow any packed meals from home but they do have a dietician that prepares a weekly changing menu so George should be just fine. Now we just can’t wait to see more back to school photos of George! 

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