Piper Laurie has been one of the charismatic actresses in Hollywood for decades, having collaborated with some of the most legendary celebrities, producers and directors. It is her spunky outlook on life that has filled her with joy and laughter these past 90 years.

“I try to find humor in just about everything,” she told Closer Weekly. “And it’s there, even if it’s bizarre.”

Piper Laurie ‘Became Good Friends’ With Costar Gregory Peck
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As a three-time Oscar nominee, it’s no wonder why Turner Classic Movies has chosen to honor Laurie during their 13th annual TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood, April 21 – 24, 2022. Attendees will get to see her introduce two of her popular films, Has Anybody Seen My Gal? (1952) which starred Rock Hudson, and The Hustler (1961) with Paul Newman, Jackie Gleason and George C. Scott. (She earned an Academy nomination for this role.)

“It means a great deal for me to be honored,” Laurie acknowledged. “It symbolizes grand Old Hollywood and it’s really very nice to be included in that.”

Laurie is thrilled and delighted by the success she has had. “As a young woman, I always wanted to do something wonderful — to change the world in some way. I lived in such a confined space for all of my first years, and I really needed something else, something bigger. I think most people who go into the arts have had that experience, they want to break out and make a difference in the world.”

Movie fans have been fascinated by Laurie’s incredible memories. “I have been very lucky; there’s so many good actors and good men I have worked with, like Tony Curtis and Gregory Peck.”

Laurie described the “tall, handsome” Peck as having a “beautiful voice.” The pair worked together on the 1991 film Other People’s Money

“We immediately went into rehearsal with a few other members of the cast. In a scene, I had to offer him something from a box of cookies. And his line (response) was just something silly, the name of the cookie. And it was just so preposterous to hear this out of Gregory Peck’s mouth! I had to laugh all the time. We became good friends!” she enthused.

“Our connection was laughter which I find often sometimes with actors, with me anyway. I had that with Rock Hudson too. We laughed all the time. I guess it’s a good release from the tension of making movies.”