Jack and Billy have been at odds for a long time on The Young & The Restless, but portrayers Peter Bergman and Jason Thompson are good friends in real life, and happily sat down to do a special Facebook Live video where they answered some questions from die-hard fans of the soap! “From day one, Peter was the most accommodating and gracious work colleagues I’ve ever come across,” Jason revealed, “so he’s been fantastic.” Jason returned the sentiment, adding, “I have been shouting his praises for a really long time because he’s not just a good actor, he’s a fine friend.”

Billy’s attempt to rescue the kids from the fire at The Underground put his life in danger but also deepened the bond between the brothers when Jack feared he might lose his sibling. And Jason admitted he enjoyed shooting the stunt sequences with the fire and smoke. “I love doing that kind of stuff,” he enthused. “Whenever you can get out of the regular sets that we work in on more of a daily basis, it’s always fun to kind of change them up.” Peter also enjoyed taping the emotional scenes at the fire, except for one small detail. “The only part I didn’t like was I had to wear that fireman’s hat,” he confided, “and I looked a little silly!”

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Howard Wise/jpitstudios.com

Jason may have thought he looked silly in the hat, but Jason declared he looked like a hero!

Both actors revealed that they put a lot of themselves into their characters so that some Y&R storylines can really hit home for them on an emotional level. “I lost my mother quite a long time ago,” Peter explained. “And I’m playing this story right now with Dina and her loss and a last chance to spend time with her to get all of the time I have left with her. I’ve been there before and it’s pretty powerful to go through it again.” Peter also teased that fans may have more family drama to deal with very soon. “I heard that we might be dealing with another Abbott soon,” he winked. “What do I know?” Jason laughed and added, “More than me, apparently!”

While Jason confessed that he’s glad he’s not a writer on the show because it would be too much work for him, Peter knows the storyline he’d pen for his Genoa City alter ego if given the chance! “I would write that Jack puts Victor through a wall,” he declared. “And then seals the wall. I have looked forward for 28 years to Jack really, really winning one battle. One battle.”

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