Beloved TV mom Patricia Heaton is a longtime celebrity ambassador for World Vision, a humanitarian group devoted to helping children around the world. To celebrate Mother’s Day, she has created several pieces for the World Vision Gift Catalogue. “You can go to and pick up some wonderful gifts for Mother’s Day or birthdays,” Patricia, who created a unity necklace with artisans in India that is only available through the catalog exclusively tells Closer Weekly. “It’s beautiful!”

Courtesy of World Vision – “Unity” Tassel Necklace by Patricia Heaton

This mom of four boys has always celebrated Mother’s Day on her own terms. “I lost my mother when I was 12, so I think since then I have always been the kind of person that says if I want something I’m going to have to do it myself or get it myself,” says Patricia, who has become an expert at making brunch reservations. “I think the reason that The Middle and my character, Frankie Heck, resonated with so many people is that her family usually dashed out to the pharmacy on the morning of Mother’s Day to find something for her. That was my experience in real life!”

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