It has been a busy week for Pamela Anderson, 46, who made headlines for completing the New York City Marathon AND for debuting a pixie cut earlier in the week. The former “Baywatch” star went on “Ellen” Thursday to talk about her race experience and the reason behind her new 'do.

“I did it,” Pamela told Ellen of finishing the race. “And I stole your haircut!”

The mom of two admitted that the last five miles of the race were brutal. "It was like giving birth and then being told to run as you're giving birth. It was so much pain in my hips," she said. "I don't know if women are meant to run especially after having kids, but we raised a lot of money for Haiti.” The former playmate ran for Sean Penn’s Haitian Relief Organization

When Ellen asked if she cut her hair to run the race faster, Pamela jokingly answered, “Absolutely, yes.” But the real reason? "I just thought my hair had a life, and I wanted to kind of put that behind me and start fresh," she said. "I thought it would be good for the marathon, and it was."

After finishing the 26.2-mile race, Pamela tweeted a few photos from the day including one where she’s covered in ice packs. “Ouch!” she captioned the photo.