Just as we suspected, everyone wants a piece of Oprah! The TV mogul's "yard sale" fetched a total of $600,000 for her South African Leadership Academy for Girls on Saturday.

One of the most expensive items was a set of six 18th-century Louis XVI armchairs that went for $60,000 (yep, that's $10,000 per chair!)

But it was some of the more underwhelming items in the collection that made news for netting much more than was expected.

An ordinary teapot, that was valued around $100, went for 10x that amount as did a pair of crystal lamp bases which sold at $2,500, though they were initially expected to fetch somewhere between $200-300.

The increase in dollar amount may have been spurred by the surprise arrival of the seller herself who acted as auctioneer for a few items. The pieces were spread out under three different tents on the lawn of the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club, with fans bidding on items from five of the TV queen's residences.

All proceeds went towards the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation College Fund, which is dedicated to helping graduates of Oprah’s South African school attend college.