We sat down for an exclusive interview with model Niki Taylor, 39, to get the scoop on her beauty and diet regimen, how she’s come to accept her scars from a horrific 2001 accident and her partnership with Nexcare’s “Give” program.

Can you tell us about your daily beauty routine?

There’s this product that I use all the time now since a friend introduced it to me, it’s called Cell Quench. And it is a plant stem cell serum. It literally closes your pores. It looks like you got a laser treatment done! Another thing is sleep. I think sleep is always important. Hydrate, eat healthy foods. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I think that always wears on your skin.

What do you think about all the anti-aging talk in Hollywood?

I love lines! I love my wrinkles! Gosh, I have so many scars all over my body, so you know, like I said, just embrace it. A friend of mine and I, we were talking the other day, we said, “Botox once a year if you need it.” And that is before summer or after summer, because you do a lot of squinting with the sun during the summer. You want to look like you.

What are your go-to exercises or secret to staying in shape?

You know what the secret is? A good die. Eat only what God put here on earth. I just recently went vegan, so I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts. I love smoothies. But my go-to exercise is I have a good pair of running shoes, Brooks makes them, and I go for a walk or a jog.

Simple as that?

It’s as simple as that. It is 80% of what you put in your mouth, though. And then 20% exercise. If it’s a nice day, I’m outside. I’m outside with the kids anyways.

niki taylor

Niki with husband Burney Lamar at an event in 2011

Obviously the Nexcare “Give” program is about more than just colorful bandages, so tell me why you wanted to get involved.

This is my third year partnering up with the Nexcare “Give” program, but this is the sixth annual partnership between Nexcare bandages and the American Red Cross. And what it does is we thank blood donors but we also inspire others to give in celebration of World Blood Donor Day, which is coming up this Saturday on June 14.

I was in a car accident back in 2001. I was the passenger in a single-vehicle car crash. We hit a utility pole going maybe 25 mph, a freak accident. I tore my liver in half, I needed over a 100 units of blood and the American Red Cross provided my hospital with the blood. I owe my life to blood donors.

We can’t even imagine the physical and emotional trauma you went through after that, how did you stay strong?

Oh my gosh, I think it was incredible doctors, all the people that went out and selflessly rolled up a sleeve and gave me the ultimate gift. They gave me a second chance at life. I got to meet my husband and get remarried and have two more kids.

What are your thoughts on the Tracy Morgan accident having gone through something very similar?

Yes, very very similar. But, you know, none of my friends died so I couldn’t imagine what his family is going through. So my prayers are sent to Tracy Morgan, and this is why we need the blood. This is why we need people to donate. Let’s roll up our sleeve for Tracy and his friends. This was again, like myself, a freak accident. Nobody was planning on getting into a car accident today.

It’s been more than 10 years since your accident, but how did you come to accept your scars?

Oh, I love em! I’m grateful for them, that’s why I’m here…I think they’re beautiful!