She’s one of the prettiest actresses in Hollywood, but fans can’t help but question if Nicole Kidman has had plastic surgery procedures done to keep looking her best. Closer Weekly checked in with experts — who have not worked with Nicole — and they weighed in on her potential Botox, fillers, and more — keep reading to see what they revealed!

According to Dr. Vartan Mardirossian, Nicole has “for sure” gotten Botox. “You can judge about that based on the fact that her medial eyebrow is slightly lower than it used to be, which is a sign that the muscles that raise the eyebrows were a little relaxed in an effort to eliminate the frown lines between her eyebrows,” he said.

nicole kidman getty images

Nicole in the ’80s (left) and today (right).

Dr. Adam H. Hamawy said, “Nicole Kidman is the poster child for Botox. She’s denied using Botox in the past but, she is probably using Dysport or Xeomin which both do the same thing. That’s how she has been able to avoid even the faintest sign of a wrinkle from her brow for the last 20 years.  She’s a perfect example of the preventative use of Botox and its alternative products.”

Dr. Andrew Miller additionally predicted the Moulin Rouge singer may have gotten cheek and lip fillers. “Her lips are fuller and her cheeks look maintained even after many years. This usually indicates the use of some filler to plump up the lips and cheeks,” he said. Dr. Hamawy added, “She also appears to have had just the right amount of filler placed under her eyes, in her laugh lines, and lips to keep her looking natural without them being overfilled.”

Lastly, it appears the mom-of-two may have also once had a rhinoplasty. Dr. Hamawy shared, “She definitely appears to have had a rhinoplasty. Her nose now is more refined and narrower than when she was younger.” Plastic surgery or not, we still think Nicole looks more stunning than ever!