America’s most beloved physician, Dr. Mehmet Oz opens up to Closer Weekly about the joys of becoming a first time grandpa and even reveals his secret grand-parenting skill – changing dirty diapers!

“I’ve never minded pooping because I’m a doctor,” he insists about taking on the dirty duty with his first grandchild.

“I’m a great diaper changer! First you lift their legs up together. Then you chew on them, the feet. You clean them. Then you pinch the bottom. And you got it! Just like that!

dr. oz

Dr. Oz with daughter Daphne

“It’s an absolutely unique experience to see this new creature,” Dr. Oz gushes about baby Philomena Bijou Jovanovic. “Although we talk about the cycle of life, as a grandparent, you actually feel it for the first time.”

And the family is all under one roof while daughter Daphne’s home is being renovated — which certainly has its advantages!

“She’s immediately taken care of with doting relatives all around her.” Dr. Oz tells Closer.

“[She] just goes ‘Ahhhhh!’ when she’s unhappy. The baby never cries — she just yells! If she doesn’t like what’s going on, she makes a lot of noise about it,” he shares. “I don’t think she ever actually touches a bed!”

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