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Get Ready For The Next Wave Of Original Shows From Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, And More Coming This Fall

You know the new fall TV season is upon you when you can’t watch a single TV show on ABC, CBS, FOX, or NBC without being inundated by an onsalught of commercials for all their new comedies and dramas (the vast majority of which likely won’t be around next season). What you may not realize — because they’re usually much more subtle about these things — is that there are quite a number of original shows coming to the various streaming services as well. Whether you subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or any of the others — including the home of originals like HBO or Showtime —  there’s going to be lots to choose from. 

julia roberts homecoming

Julia Roberts in ‘Homecoming.’ Photo Credit: Amazon Prime)

One of the amazing things about what’s on the way is the caliber of stars involved with them. There was a time when actors from the big screen would barely exert the energy to raise their nose at those working on the small screen, but the line between the two no longer exists. In fact, most of them recognize that the higher quality material is frequently found on televison. It would explain the appearance of people like Jim Carrey, Sean Penn, Emma Stone, Jennifer Garner, Julia Roberts, Alan Arkin, and Michael Douglas (who hasn’t done a series since the long ago days of The Streets of San Francisco). 

And there’s some variety of programming as well, ranging from sci-fi (The First), comedy (Forever), and drama (Homecoming), a combination of both (The Good Cop, Camping, The Kaminsky Method), and lots of horror (Into the Dark, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The Haunting of Hill House, Tell Me a Story). 

What follows is our handy guide to all of them, with titles, premiere dates, summaries with a hint of what they’re all about, and, of course, what service is offering them. So, get ready. Get set. Binge!