Fans were super excited when they learned that Michelle Obama is gearing up to visit 12 cities across the US to promote her upcoming memoir, Becoming but they soon became disappointed once they found how much they’ll have to spend on tickets.

According to The Washington Post, tickets recently went on sale for around $29.50 but were quickly sold out. So now fans are left deciding if they want to spend around $3,000 to see the former First Lady of the United States speak about her book in person. 

However, a $3,000 seat will give the ticket holder an awesome experience at the event. Not only will you get a front row seat, but Glamour also reported that “guests get to attend a meet-and-greet reception with Obama that includes a preshow photo opportunity, a signed book, and an ‘exclusive VIP gift item.'” Sounds so cool! 

A few of Michelle’s followers didn’t think that it was fair for them to pay such a high price for tickets, so they raised their concerns on Twitter. “I love Michelle Obama, I do. She is everything. But I am sorely disappointed in how expensive these book tour tickets are,” one fan commented and another wrote, “This Michelle Obama book tour may effectively price out the ones who would benefit most from seeing/hearing her.”

Another person even wrote that Michelle, 54, was promoting classism on her tour. “This is for the upper-middle to upper class only. The rest of us can’t swing $200 for one ticket.”

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Michelle’s tour has been getting so popular that she apparently has already sold out full arenas! She was originally supposed to visit 10 US cities but she added two more stops in Washington, DC and NYC to meet the demands of her very supportive fans, according to ABC. Becoming is set to be released on Nov. 13.