Melanie Griffith’s separation from husband of 18 years Antonio Banderas hasn’t gotten any less nasty since the pair announced their split in June.

melanie griffith

The actress recently joked with photographers about replacing the ‘Antonio’ tattoo on her right arm with the words ‘F*** You.’

Over the past few months the 57-year-old has made an effort to either cover or hide the ink, leading many to assume she was in the process of getting it removed.

melanie griffith

But based on photos taken of Melanie on Sept. 17, the tattoo appears very much intact.

When asked about it, the Oscar nominee said the removal process, which is notoriously long and painful, is “coming along.”

Meanwhile, her ex has reportedly started dating Dutch investment consultant, Nicole Kempel. The two were recently spotted getting cozy in St. Tropez.

antonio banderas

Antonio with rumored girlfriend Nicole Kempel