Battle of the hosts! When it was announced earlier this year that former FOX host Megyn Kelly would be taking over the 9 a.m. hour on the Today show, Tamron Hall was so offended that she announced her resignation from both NBC and MSNBC. But now, she will be taking over a very exciting new role as the host of a new daytime talk show, working with The Weinstein Company film studio — and Tamron’s show will be in direct competition with Megyn’s show.

“Tamron is very excited for this amazing opportunity, but nothing would make her happier than to beat Megyn once her show premieres,” the insider tells In Touch. By topping Megyn’s ratings, Tamron would be able to extract the ultimate revenge.

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And it looks like it won’t be hard to beat Megyn! Sources explained that since she premiered in June, she’s been surrounded by controversy — starting with her interview with Alex Jones, the host of InfoWars and noted Sandy Hook school shooting conspiracy theorist. “She’s having a problem booking guests and high-profile politicians,” the source explains. The lack of guests is really hurting her ratings.

Tamron and Megyn will go head to head since their shows are so similar, but the source adds that Tamron’s show “will fill the current void in daytime for viewers looking for a blend of heart, humor, and information.” It will also be filmed in front of a live studio audience — just like Megyn’s.

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“The live audience will be a huge part of the show, which will take a lot of the attention and focus on her. Megyn was unhappy about it because she doesn’t like interacting with strangers who aren’t newsmakers on camera,” the insider says. “But NBC insisted because they need this show to do well.”

In the meantime, Megyn is trying not to let her competition get to her. “She’s trying to play it cool, like that she isn’t worried about Tamron,” says the insider, “but she is acutely aware and is absolutely feeling the pressure.”