What’s supposed to be a happy time for Meghan Markle is sadly getting very overwhelming. Even though the royal should be worried about the fun stuff for her special day (like a bachelorette party, perhaps!), she’s too busy stressing about how her family is going to act her upcoming royal wedding to Prince Harry on May 19.

“She can’t sleep at night because she’s so stressed out,” an insider told Life & Style. “She’s worried about her family being on their best behavior and about screwing up when it comes to the rules of royal etiquette.”

At this point, it’s unclear who from Meghan’s side will even be coming to the nuptials. Particularly, Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha Grant, has been vocal about potentially not being invited — and even joked about how it’d be if she and other members of their brood came, proving she really has no etiquette.

“I can’t imagine how anyone would anticipate a normal, traditional, royal wedding. I mean they’d probably be watching across the lawn for the Markles to approach — ‘Oh, good God, they’re coming! Close the curtains! Hide!'” she previously shared of the media frenzy it would be if she and Meghan’s family showed up. “It’s just so silly. We’re so normal. And yes, I would love to go, but we have no idea what’s going to happen.” No wonder Meghan is stressed!

We’re also allegedly going to get to see Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle, walk her down the aisle, however, this will be his first time in the UK and his first time meeting Harry, so we could see why Meghan may be worried. “Thomas Sr. is overjoyed to be beside his little girl on the day she becomes a princess — even if he has to battle his demons to get there,” a source recently told The Sun. “He’s not exactly thrilled at facing the world’s glare. But nothing will stop him from having Meghan on his arm for the big day.” Meghan’s mom, Doria Ragland, is also expected to be in attendance.

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But if the rest of her family takes after Meghan’s nephew, Tyler Dooley, and her ex-sister-in-law, Tracy Dooley, she’ll be just fine. The two admitted they likely won’t be invited to the wedding next month — but they’re fine with it. “Chances are, I don’t think that we are going to get the invitations and that’s just fine. We’re OK with that. But we’re supporting her on and just having a good time, so proud of her,” Tracy shared. Tyler added, “We’ve been here from the very beginning. I mean, her whole life, just always rooting her on and supporting her.” We can’t wait to see everything unfold in just a few short weeks.

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