Following her May 2018 wedding to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle got her very own coat of arms and a royal monogram. And now, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex‘s joint monogram has been revealed and it’s beyond gorgeous and romantic. 

prince harry meghan markle royal monogram

On July 25, Australia’s The Today Show host Georgie Gardner unveiled Harry and Meghan’s new joint monogram on-air by showing her co-host a thank you note she’d received from the couple in the mail. A close-up shot of the monogram showed Harry and Meghan’s individual monograms elegantly combined into one logo. The cursive “H” and “M” were then placed under a coronet and the entire monogram appeared in royal blue ink — how fitting! Scroll down to learn all about other the royal family members’ monograms! 

Meghan Markle’s royal monogram

The cypher — featuring a script uppercase “M” beneath a coronet — was first published on a piece of Meghan’s new official royal letterhead a few days after her May 19 wedding to Harry. According to Town & Country magazine, “The crown above the ‘M’ appears to be the one approved by a Royal Warrant of 1917 for the sons and daughters of the heir apparent. It features two crosses patée (a type of Christian cross), four fleurs-de-lys, and two strawberry leaves, though not all of them are seen on the letterhead.”

meghan markle royal monogram
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Prince Harry’s royal monogram

Interestingly, Harry’s monogram wasn’t revealed to the public until 2009 when he and his brother, Prince William, created their own royal offices outside of their father Prince Charles‘ Clarence House staff. According to the UK’s Express, Harry’s cypher is actually royal blue in color — though it is often printed in black ink on official royal letters — and the chosen hue was a sweet nod to his late mother, Princess Diana, whose monogram was also blue.

prince harry royal monogram
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Kate Middleton’s royal monogram

Kate’s royal monogram was unveiled in 2011 after her April wedding to William. Though many people may assume Kate’s cypher features a “K,” it’s actually a letter “C” because her full first name is Catherine. Kate loves her monogram so much that she’s often spotted wearing a bracelet with the cyper engraved on a dangling charm. The bespoke piece of jewelry was reportedly a wedding gift for Kate from Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

kate middleton royal monogram
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Prince William’s royal monogram

William’s cypher was revealed to the public along with his brother Harry’s monogram back in 2009. Unlike Harry’s symbol, William’s is red in color to match his father Prince Charles’ monogram and grandmother Queen Elizabeth‘s official royal cypher.

prince william royal monogram
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