Meghan Markle seems to be having a tough time finding her voice, at least according to Us Weekly who now reports that Meghan thinks it’s “stressful” not being able to speak her mind.

A royal insider tells the outlet, “It’s just been frustrating and stressful to have no voice,” adding, “[Meghan has] always relied on her own voice to stand up for others, and for herself. So not being able to say anything is a debilitating feeling. She’s always been so independent, her entire life, and that’s all been taken away from her. She’s always been able to clap back on social media and now she can’t.” Won’t someone please let Meghan defend herself?

Meghan Markle
Getty Images

We’re sure Meghan would like to rush to social media to truly be honest with everyone and clear the rumors of drama surrounding the palace. Just think about how quickly the internet would break if Meghan got onto Instagram to let it all out. But, while Meghan reportedly struggles to speak up, her husband Prince Harry is also feeling quite “powerless” amid all the drama surrounding Meghan. “He’s very frustrated with how little can be done,” a source recently told Us Weekly. “Keeping her away from the negativity and harm has been hard for him. It’s been his purpose in their relationship to keep her away from the negativity.”

Here’s hoping someone in the royal family lets Meghan get on that glorious soapbox once in a while.

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