She’s definitely winning the public over! Life & Style has revealed that Meghan Markle — who is engaged to Prince Harry — is now the most popular royal, a title that once belonged to her pregnant future sister-in-law Kate Middleton.

“Meghan receives around 500,000 letters from fans a month. She’s receiving so much fan mail that she’s hired her own assistant to help go through it all,” an insider revealed. “Everyone wants a piece of Meghan. Her assistant is keeping busy helping her organize her hectic new schedule.”

kate middleton and meghan markle getty images

Meghan and Kate.

The happy couple announced their engagement on Nov. 27, 2017, and plan to wed on May 19 of this year. Back in January, Life & Style also revealed that the pair started dating while the Suits alum was still with involved with Cory Vitiello. “Mutual friends broke the news to Cory [that it was over],” a source said.

Clearly, things worked out for the best — and the lovebirds are even ready to give Kate and Prince William‘s little ones Prince George and Princess Charlotte cousins! “Meghan can’t wait to have kids herself and jokes that being a hands-on aunt is great practice for when she and Harry have their own brood,” said an insider. “Meghan and Harry talk about having babies all the time and think it’ll be so much fun for all the kids to hang out together.”

The source continued, “George and Charlotte are always asking after Uncle Harry, whom they adore and they have really taken to Meghan, too.” We seriously can’t get enough of these two — and most certainly can’t wait for them to become parents to their own princes and princesses!

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