The world is abuzz with the news that Meghan Markle is engaged to Prince Harry, but some might not be aware that the brunette beauty has a connection to General Hospital! The LA-born star has an extensive acting resume and is best known for playing Rachel Zane on USA’s Suits, a role she began in 2011. She has also appeared in series like Without a Trace, CSI: NY, 90210, and Castle, as well as in films Get Him to the Greek and Horrible Bosses. But way, way back at the very beginning of her showbiz career, Meghan made an appearance as a nurse named Jill in the episode of General Hospital that aired on Nov. 14, 2002.

In that episode, AJ was desperate to convince Courtney to give him a second chance to prove himself after she dumped him, and an ailing Brenda wanted Jason to take her back to Europe because she felt her condition was worsening. Alexis had an angry confrontation at the hospital with Alcazar, who she blamed for the death of her sister, Kristina. Since Jill was just an extra or a day player, it’s likely Markle appeared in that scene in the background, reacting to the drama going on around her.

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Meghan at the ALMA Awards Giving and Lifestyle Suite in 2006. (Photo Credit: Evans Ward/

Meghan’s father, Thomas W. Markle, worked as a director of photography on the classic sitcom Married… With Children, and also was a lighting director for some other series, including General Hospital! Although according to the IMDb, his last episode aired in 2012, long before his daughter made her appearance. Marc Anthony Samuel didn’t make his debut as Felix on GH until December of 2012, so he wasn’t in any scenes with Meghan, but the actor shared his best wishes to his friend on social media, tweeting, “Congrats to my friend, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry. Such exciting news!”

Markle started her career in Hollywood as a model and even appeared as one of the briefcase girls on the game show Deal or No Deal. And now she is engaged to marry Prince Harry, fifth in line for the British throne, in early 2018. From background day player on GH all the way to Duchess — that’s quite a life!

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