Ted Danson may have been forced to miss an event for his new film due to scheduling conflicts, but his wife, Mary Steenburgen, was happy to step in and help her husband juggle his various commitments!

Mary looked gorgeous at a dinner for the dramedy “The One I Love,” during the Sundance Film Festival on Sunday.

The actress was sporting brand new bangs and seemed to be in good spirits, according to an observer.

Ted is currently filming “CSI” in California, which just celebrated its 300th episode, since it premiered in 2000.

The actor began portraying night shift supervisor D.B. Russell in 2011, and shares he’s grateful to be apart of such a successful show.

“I’ve only done 50 of those 300 so I can’t lay claim to their success,” he joked, “but I also love that it’s still the No. 2 watched show in the world.”

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Ted Danson on “CSI”