In July 2017, fans were given a first (moving) glimpse at Emily Blunt in the forthcoming Mary Poppins Returns, and the short clip was totally amazing. Now, a year later, Disney has finally released the first full trailer for the film and it shows just how magical the upcoming movie will be.

In the video, Mary can be seen emerging from the London clouds to again visit the grown-up Banks children, Michael (played by Ben Whishaw) and Jane (played by Emily Mortimer), who now have families of their own. Michael and his three young children seem to be in particular need of Mary’s magic after experincing a very sad loss. Watch the trailer below! 

Co-starring with Emily in Mary Poppins Returns is Hamilton creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda, who plays a Burt-like singing lamplighter named Jack, and her Devil Wears Prada co-star Meryl Streep, playing Mary’s eccentric cousin Topsy. In a nostalgic call back to the original film, 91-year-old Dick Van Dyke also pops up in the new film too while Colin Firth and Angela Lansbury are additionally seen in the trailer.

The sequel to the beloved 1964 film, which starred Julie Andrews in the titular role, is set in Depression-era England in the 1930s. It teaches fans that they should cherish their childhoods when Angela — who portrays “The Balloon Lady” — tells Michael, that “he’s forgotten what it’s like to be a child.” 

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Back in March 2017, Disney gave us a first look at Emily in full Poppins mode, releasing an image showing the actress dressed in a dark blue coat and jaunty red hat (complete with a robin motif, surely a nod to “A Spoonful of Sugar”) with her hair swept up in Mary’s no-nonsense updo. Carrying her signature carpet bag (which is undoubtedly filled with lampshades, mirrors, and all manner of off-beat, outsized belongings), she was shown pausing outside a house on a leafy London street.

Before you get too carried away with excitement, though, just remember that we’ll have to wait until this Christmas to see Emily in all her supercalifragilisticexpialidocious glory!