She was one of the highest-paid actresses of 2014, coming in just behind Sofia Vergara.

So, how much money does Mariska Hargitay — star of the Dick Wolf-produced Law & Order: SVU, which recently wrapped its 18th season — make per episode? And, what is her total net worth?!

Mariska is one of very few remaining cast members from when the NBC series first debuted in 1999. Because of her long-term commitment with the series — nearly two decades! — the 53-year-old actress, who plays fan-favorite Olivia Benson, has racked up an impressive salary over the years.

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Mariska was the second highest-paid actress of 2014!

Raking in about $450,000 per episode, Mariska brought in about $13 million in 2014, according to Forbes. With a salary like that per episode, Mariska's estimated net worth is around $45 million.

Don't forget about syndication…

Law & Order: SVU is always on television, thanks to the beauty of syndicated reruns, so don't forget that along with her $450K salary per episode, Mariska's also cashing in on your marathon-watches of old seasons.

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She has appeared in nearly every season!

Save for a brief hiatus during Season 6 — during which she gave birth to one of her three children — Mariska has appeared on each season of Law & Order: SVU since 1999.

NBC recently renewed SVU for Season 19!

That makes it the longest-running drama currently on TV. Even after nearly 20 years, Law & Order: SVU still has no problem pulling in numbers, now especially thanks to Mariska's star power. Back in February, the 400th episode of the series pulled in 6.84 million viewers, according to Variety.

Mariska also serves as an executive producer of the show!

In addition to acting and producing, Mariska also founded The Joyful Heart Foundation, a direct response to everything she's learned about the prevalence of sexual assault and abuse while playing Olivia Benson on TV.

"Every day I get on my knees and thank God for this opportunity. It's not lost on me that God gave me this opportunity, this platform to speak about these issues," Mariska once told E! News. "I really feel like it was a calling, it's not an accident I came on this show. I always wanted to be on service, but it's hard. You say, ‘What do I do? How do I be of service?' and this was an opportunity."

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