After Maria Menounos underwent surgery for her brain tumor, she began to look at life in a completely different way. In a new interview with Page Six, the red carpet veteran said getting the procedure done made her realize how important life really is and why she should never neglect her health.

“Life has changed completely and for the better,” she admitted. “I think it’s really important for people to hear that we don’t have to do it all and we don’t need to do a million jobs and run ourselves ragged and exhaust ourselves and neglect our health. And so it’s been definitely a different way of living. A much happier way of living.”

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In June 2017, Maria, 40, underwent surgery to try and get her brain tumor, which was the size of a golf ball, removed. One year before that, she revealed her mom, Litsa Menounos, was also battling a brain tumor and needed immediate care. But thanks to modern medicine, she’s doing a lot better now.

“Mom is doing well,” Maria gushed. “[My parents] were just out with me in Los Angeles for the last couple months doing different therapies, whether it was physical therapy, occupational therapy and different other things that we’re working on for some of the cognitive rehabilitation that we need for her. It was kind of like the next phase of stuff that we’re working on.”

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Battling a brain tumor wasn’t easy for Maria. Instead of waiting around for her health to get better, she decided to take matters into her own hands and become more active. “I incorporated Pilates and yoga into my life,” she explained about her new workout routine. “And of course, hiking with my dog and things like that oh pickleball too. I love playing pickleball!”

We’re just glad you and your mom are feeling a lot better, Maria!