The thing with memes is, we should probably see them coming and yet, we usually don’t. As with the nature of memes, fans immediately drew similarities between Prince Harry‘s new fiancée, Meghan Markle once the off-the-market royal publicly announced their engagement. The meme, which compares Meghan and Harry to the main characters in the 2003 Christmas film Love Actually — which elicits tears without fail — shows each of the subjects side-by-side and the similarities are stunning, and fans think that the movie predicted Harry and Meghan’s relationship.

If you need to brush up on Love Actually, the film follows Sam, a British boy with red hair and Joanna, an American girl — who, like Meghan, is half-black — who are in the same class together. Sam falls deeply in love with Joanna and once she announces she’s leaving the UK to return to America, Sam chases her throughout an airport and confesses his love.

Twitter user Travon shared the meme, but the photo is making the rounds so it’s unclear where exactly the side-by-side originated from. “This is the greatest thing,” the Travon wrote over the picture on Twitter and fans agree! “It’s the sequel we deserve,” one fan wrote on Twitter, and another commented, “OH MY GOD!! This just sent Christmas tingles up and down my body.”

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Of course, looks aren’t the only reason people can’t stop laughing over the Love Actually comparison. Meghan also hails from the US — the 36-year-old is a Los Angeles, California native. Unlike Sam and Joanna though, Meghan and Prince Harry did not meet when they were classmates together. Reports say that the couple was introduced by a mutual friend, one of the wives of Harry’s Eton friends, Misha Nonoo, a fashion designer.

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