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Meet Every Actress Who Has Played Reporter — and Superman’s Girlfriend — Lois Lane

It’s hard to remember a time when Superman hasn’t been a part of our lives and our imagination. But that hardly seems surprising when you consider that we’re currently celebrating the character’s 80th anniversary, his having made his debut in the 1938 premiere edition of Action Comics. And it wasn’t long before Superman made the leap to pretty much every medium you could imagine, from animated shorts, to radio, television, feature films, and the Broadway stage, before bouncing back and forth between them. Every one of those incarnations has offered us different actors bringing the Man of Steel to life, either in live action or providing the character’s voice, and along the way they’ve given us just as many Lois Lanes.

In the beginning, the character of Lois, a reporter for The Daily Planet, was designed to be Clark Kent’s journalistic competition on the paper. As things developed, however, she became someone who fell in love with Superman, but had no time for or interest in Clark Kent, while Clark, for his part, pined away for her. It literally became a love triangle between two people. That carried the relationship for a long time, though over the decades it has evolved into something much more, which we’ve been able to witness by watching or listening to the actresses who have brought her to life.

Early on, the Lois Lane of record was Noel Neill in the ’50s TV series Adventures of Superman, though Margot Kidder would eventually take the mantle away from her in the Christopher Reeve films of the ’70s and ’80s. A decade later Teri Hatcher would give us a sexier version in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, while Amy Adams would ground the character a little more alongside Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel 20 years after that. All told, it’s a pretty impressive range of actresses who have brought Ms. Lane to life, and what follows is our guide to all of them.