How shocking do you think it must have been back in the day to see a Rough Collie — popularly known as the "Lassie Dog" — capture the imagination of millions of people across the country? In today's world, it's not really surprising anymore to see that just about anyone can become famous — and we're not just talking about people with the names Duggar or Kardashian. But a dog that became a star? Well, that was something special.

Introduced in 1938 in the form of a short story turned novel two years later, before being adapted to the big screen, Lassie — the best friend a boy or girl could have — became a true phenomenon. She (although played by male pooch) managed to span from books, movies, television, to radio (!), and much more, and a couple of generations of viewers never got tired of her. And if you ever heard someone use the expression, "Timmy fell in the well, girl?"… well, now you'll know what it's referring to. Although, and we're sorry to burst anyone's bubble about this, young Timmy never actually did fall in a well.

As Jon Provost, who played Timmy on the Classic TV series, related to, "Timmy has fallen off cliffs, into rivers, quicksand, and even mine shafts, but never into a well." A little tidbit for you.

So how did this dog end up becoming such a beloved character after all? Sit back and enjoy this little trip we're about to go on, back to a more innocent time, to the world of all things Lassie.