Larry King is getting candid about death — and reveals he wants his body to be frozen when he passes away because he doesn’t believe in an afterlife.

“I think I’d like to be frozen and that would be the only hope that I could come back. My wife says, ‘What if you come back 200 years from now? You won’t know anybody.’ I say, ‘I’ll make new friends.’ So I fear death,” the iconic radio host revealed in a new interview.

larry king

Larry hosting a radio program in September 2013.

The star — who hosted ‘Larry King Live’ for 25 years before the show went off the air in 2010 — added being frozen is the only “logical” way he can imagine his body being interred after he dies.

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The father-of-five further explained he would like his body to be placed for safekeeping in a tube in either Arizona or New Hampshire so he can later “come back to life” to continue interviewing people in the future.

larry king and wife

Larry with his wife, Shawn, in November 2014.

“They’ll be shows from the moon. My God, would we travel electronically? Don’t you wonder about those things? What is the future going to be like?” he said. “I’d want to interview people. I’d want to interview the guy from Mars. And go to other planets and ask questions.”

Larry spoke to ‘The Hill.’