TV personality Lara Spencer seemingly adored her 2018 Emmys dress until internet haters sadly body-shamed the Good Morning America co-anchor for having “saggy knees.” At the Monday, Sept. 16 event, Lara flaunted her long, beautiful legs in a silver Alice and Olivia dress with a pair of matching boots and a few spiky bracelets. She looked absolutely amazing, but online critics, however, thought Lara’s look was a bit too revealing for a 49-year-old mother to wear. 

“Love you, watch you every day but you’re a mom. What the hell [is] with that outfit? Would have embarrassed my kids,” one person wrote on Instagram according to Yahoo!. Another said, “You’re not a 20-year-old and [you] look foolish dressed as such. Good body does not allow you to dress like a child at your age.” Ouch! 

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Dapper. Divine. Delightful. ❤️ you.

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One body-shamer even rudely brought specific attention to Lara’s legs and said that her dress didn’t flatter her knees. “I feel embarassed for you. Can you not see that you do not have ‘young’ legs? This look is hideous! #SaggyKnees,” the commenter wrote.

Lara ended up deleting her original Instagram post of her outfit after she read the hateful comments, but she did decide to keep two photos up from the night of herself with her colleagues. “Dapper. Divine. Delightful. ❤️you,” she captioned one of the Emmys pics.

Despite the haters, lots of Lara’s fans wanted her to know that she still can rock any dress at any age and she should never let mean comments get to her. So they flooded her Instagram comments with positive messages! 

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“You look absolutely beautiful! Be proud of yourself and ignore the haters. Don’t let them take you down! ?,” one fan said and another wrote, “Wow… stunning, sexy, and classy, all combined! Very lovely pic!” When you’ve got it, flaunt it, girl!