As he reaches his milestone 100th birthday next week, Kirk Douglas writes a special article for Closer Weekly — on newsstands now.

The screen legend, turning 100 on Friday, Dec. 9, reveals to Closer how he plans to celebrate: “…my son [Michael Douglas] and his wife, [Catherine Zeta-Jones], are hosting my 100th. About 200 friends and family members will be there, but that’s about all I know!”

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While he doesn’t know much about the celebration, he’s excited for the surprise: “My only job is to stay well and rested so I can show up and be charming. And, of course, give a little ‘extemporaneous’ speech that I will have practiced with my speech therapist so people will understand me,” he writes of the big day.

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Kirk in 1955.

The icon also shares words of wisdom for a long and healthy life: “[My wife Anne Buydens] and I always use these happy occasions to give presents to the institutions we support through our foundation. Giving is a selfish act, I maintain, because it makes you feel so good. I am always asked for advice on living a long and healthy life. I don’t have any. I do believe, however, that we have a purpose for being here. I was spared after a helicopter crash and a stroke to do more good in the world before I leave it.”

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He credits much of his longevity and happiness to his wife, Anne: “I was lucky enough to find my soul mate 63 years ago, and I believe our wonderful marriage and our nightly ‘golden hour’ chats have helped me survive all things.”

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Kirk, Catherine, Anne and Michael in 1999.

His son Michael also shares a special tribute to his dad in Closer: “One hundred years old is certainly a milestone, but the facts are what dad has accomplished in 100 years.”

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“I think his stamina and tenacity are the qualities that stand out for me,” he continues. “He has taught me always to give it your best shot at whatever you take on. He’s the full package.”

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