In the new issue of Closer Weekly, Kim Fields shares the exclusive first photos of her miracle 4-month-old baby boy, Quincy.

“I know it sounds like a cliché, but it’s a blessing,” Kim, 44, tells Closer at an exclusive photo shoot.

Kim’s pregnancy came as a surprise, after she suffered two miscarriages before finding out she was expecting again. “There was so much gratitude that he was here and healthy.”

kim fields

So when the actress, best known as Tootie on Facts of Life, started feeling sick, and believing she was perimenopausal, her husband, Broadway actor Christopher Morgan, insisted that she go see the doctor.

“He thought I might be dehydrated, then I find out I’m two months pregnant! I was stunned out of my mind,” Kim says. “We were both overjoyed,” adds Chris.

Quincy was born on Dec. 3 after a C-section, and Kim shares fond memories of her delivery. She had put together a special playlist on her iPad, but after leaving it in the hospital room, she and her husband sang a cappella.

“Turns out the anesthesiologist was totally into singing, so we were doing three-part harmonies and holding hands!” she tells Closer with a laugh. “We were singing ‘Family’ from Dreamgirls when Quincy came out.”

The baby, who is named after famed music producer Quincy Jones, resembles his big brother, Sebastian.

“They look a lot alike. Sebastian loves bragging about his little brother. He tells his teachers at school everything he does. He is Quincy’s publicist at this point,” Kim jokes to Closer.

And although Kim thinks she and Chris “are done” adding on to their family, she admits, “never say never. Being a mom is really the greatest role in my life.”