Even though it has been more than 20 years since Kevin Nealon worked on Saturday Night Live as a castmember, he still keeps in touch with some costars, and he recently revealed who exactly from the comedy sketch show he speaks to.

The 65-year-old, who performed at KAABOO Cayman, a music and comedy festival, which took place on Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman island on February 15th and 16th, exclusively revealed to Closer Weekly that he continues to talk to Dana Carvey, as he’s a “good friend” of his. He continued, “I talk to him a couple times a week and I see him once or twice a week. I see [David] Spade. I’m working with Norm Macdonald this week. He’s a Canadian. The comedian added, “And I see Lorne Michaels once in a while. I run into Nora Dunn sometimes.”

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Quite the talented bunch! And since the Man With a Plan alum continues to still see his old chums, would he ever return to the giant comedy NBC platform as a guest host? “Umm yeah, I think that would be fun. Yeah,” he said. The actor was on SNL from 1986 to 1995 and eventually went on to have another successful role on the popular Showtime series Weeds. Kevin was asked why some folks happen to have even bigger careers once they depart Saturday Night Live.

“I think SNL has a finite lifespan for cast members,” he explained. “You know you kind of get burnt out on that show after awhile because you’re giving it every thing you have and then eventually you run out of tricks, you run out of things and they bring in more people. It’s a revolving door.”

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Kevin’s pal, Dana, 63, also went on to have a very successful career, but not before taking a hiatus in the ’90s. He once exclusively told Closer Weekly why he decided that. “I thought my career at that point was going to be overwhelming, so [working less] was very important to me,” he said. “I moved up to Northern California and did a lot of [corporate] stand-up. It allowed me to be a hands-on dad.”

The Wayne’s World star added, “The best thing about family is that you have things you care about more than show business. You don’t take it that seriously once you have a wife and children. I see them every day.”

We’re just happy to hear that these SNL legends are still staying in touch!

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