It looks like Kelly Ripa is hanging up her apron this Thanksgiving! The Live! With Kelly and Ryan host revealed to Entertainment Tonight on Monday, Nov. 12 that she is “not even bothering with attempting to cook” for her family this year after a previous bad holiday cooking experience.

“I’m not even joking,” Kelly, 48, stated. “My house became the house that people come to when they don’t have any place to go. It started during a snowstorm 10 or 12 years ago.” The talk-show-host then explained that one year she and her hubby, Mark Consuelos, invited over a group of friends that were stranded because of bad weather.

“The back half of our oven wasn’t working,” Kelly said about trying to cook for a huge group of people that year. “So we had half a raw turkey, half a dry turkey, and at that moment, I said, ‘If we’re going to do a big Thanksgiving like this every year, I’m bringing in back up!’ So this year I’m showing up like an honored guest.”

Kelly ensured that her family won’t suffer any repercussions of her cooking-boycott as most of them prefer “protein alternatives” and other dishes. “[My son] Joaquin is really big on the sage and butter pork chop,” Kelly said of her 15-year-old boy. “He loves it so much!” While her daughter, 17-year-old Lola, enjoys things similar to Kelly. “We like whipped mashed potato, but we also like a mashed sweet potato. We like anything mashed and carbohydrate,” the mom-of-three dished.

Kelly’s co-host, Ryan Seacrest, also quipped to ET that he would be shipping his family off to Kelly’s house this year. All jokes aside, though, he is over-the-moon about having his sister, Meredith, visit for Thanksgiving. “It’s exciting for me — my sister’s about to have a baby, this is her last travel opportunity,” Ryan gushed. “So we’re very excited about that. She’s learning all kinds of different recipes. In my house we do eat the turkey — it has been burnt before and caught on fire on the grill, so we’ve since recovered.”

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It’s no surprise that Kelly and Ryan love to go all out on holidays. In fact, the duo’s holiday segment, Live’s Thanksgiving Feast: Family Edition, features extended members of the “Live family” who come in and cook on the show. “It all started with the moms many, many years ago. The moms would come in and cook — not my mom, of course, but my mother-in-law would come cook. Then we decided to branch out from the moms,” Kelly explained, referring to her son Joaquin who is set to make a special guest appearance on this year’s segment.

“But after doing this show now for the second year, my mother does hesitate [with] my incoming calls because she knows I’m going to ask for something,” Ryan added. With all this Thanksgiving talk, we can’t wait to see Kelly and Ryan’s 2018 Thanksgiving episode!