What a beautiful song! Hoda Kotb published her new children's book, I've Loved You Since Forever, this week, which was inspired by her one-year-old daughter, Haley. And now, one well-known singer has brought her story to life through music— Kelly Clarkson!

The tune, titled "I've Loved You Since Forever," debuted on Today on Thursday, March 8. In a recent interview with People, Hoda, 53, gushed about hearing the song for the first time. "My heart exploded," she confessed. "Kelly is an unbelievable human being. She changed my life. This song is now part of our family history. It’s amazing that she did that for Haley and for me and for anyone that listens to it and feels like the song is about them." Watch the video below to hear Kelly's new song!

During Today on Tuesday, March 6, Hoda opened up about how baby Haley changed her life. "I used to think that work was the most important thing in the world. I just did. But I didn't know what really mattered until you came along," Hoda said. "You arrived and everything changed."

In fact, Haley inspired her book before they even met. "When I was waiting for you, hoping for you, wishing for you, I wrote down, 'I've loved you since forever,' because I knew you were out there somewhere. And we were going to find each other," Hoda added. "Sometimes all you can do is pray, hope, wish, want, dream, and then wait — and you arrived."

Hoda's been inspiring moms everywhere by sharing that it's never too late to be a mom, despite your age. She told People that's why the title of the book is extra special to her. "As I was waiting and hoping and wishing for Haley, when I started to believe that maybe I could be a mom too, maybe I didn’t miss my window, maybe there’s still hope here. It was that kind of revival," she said. Be right back — listening to Kelly's new song on replay!

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