What a transformation! Even though Kathy Bates has spent years playing different characters, she has taken some time to focus on the one person that matters most: herself. The 70-year-old recently spoke to Us Weekly about not only losing close to 60 pounds, but what it took to shed all that weight.

“Mindfulness, just knowing when to push my plate away,” the actress told the outlet while at WebMD’s Health Heroes event in New York City on Tuesday, January 15. “My niece told me this little secret, I guess it’s no secret, it’s a biological thing, that at some point when you’re eating, you have this involuntary sigh and that’s really your brain and your stomach communicating that you’ve had enough,” the Oscar winner continued, adding, “The trick is to pay attention to that and push your plate away.”

Kathy Bates
Getty Images; MEGA