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You Too Can Have Amazing Skin Like Kate Middleton’s — All You Need Is Chocolate

We were all pretty mind-blown when we learned that Kate Middleton's secret to flawless looking skin involved everyone's favorite sweet treat. But at the same time, it made us all the more curious to know about what her other beauty secrets might be. For example, how does she get her hair to look so effortlessly smooth? And how does she manage to balance the right amount of makeup without going over the top?

Although fans might assume the Duchess only slathers her face in the most expensive of creams and cleansers, the reality is that her methods are refreshingly old school. In fact, the majority of her tips can be recreated yourself for not much money, which means you can try all of them today if you wanted to (and you definitely should).

If you're just as eager to learn how to get her look, we've rounded up some of the best beauty tips from Kate's makeup artists and stylists!

Check out these awesome Kate Middleton beauty secrets you'll definitely want to try yourself!