Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton‘s beyond gorgeous outfits always seem so effortless. But, in reality, the royal has a team of stylists and experts helping her look picture perfect. Oh, and Kate herself also has a few genius fashion hacks up her sleeve — especially when it comes to shoes! 

Cosmopolitan recently revealed that Kate, 36, actually has a super simple trick for keeping her pantyhose clad feet from slipping out of her high heels during royal events. So, what’s her secret? According to the news outlet, Kate wears John Lewis barely there non-slip nude tights! 

kate middleton shoe hack
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The nifty pantyhose comes in three colors — nearly black, nude, and natural tan — and retails for just $7. Yes, you read that right! On the John Lewis website, the tights’ product description reads: “With added Lycra for stretch and comfort, these hosiery essentials have been treated with a non-slip finish so that they do not ride down your legs. Completed with a flat seam, a hygienic cotton gusset, and an open-toe styling perfect for those warm days when you need a discreet yet seasonal coverage.”

So, how did Kate’s pantyhose secret go public? It turns out that the mom-of-three was once photographed wearing the tights during a visit to Sainte-Justine University Hospital during her royal tour of Canada in 2011. 

kate middleton
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During the outing, the small strip of clear grips on the bottom of Kate’s tights peeked out of her chic snakeskin pumps and someone was lucky enough to snap a picture, revealing the Duchess’ genius style hack to the world! Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to run out and buy roughly 15 pairs of Kate’s favorite non-slip tights! 

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