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17 Karen Walker One-Liners Every ‘Will & Grace’ Superfan Should Recite With Vodka in Hand

When Will & Grace returned this fall, so too did supporting scene-stealer Karen Walker, a self-described “pill-popping, jet fuel-sniffing, gin-soaked narcissist.” For actress Megan Mullally, it was a return to the role of a lifetime, the one that made her a household name, and the one fans love to quote most.

“[Karen] was likable in that she was happy and filled with joy,” Megan told TIME in 2006, long before she had any idea she’d be reprising the part more than a decade later. “She was very childlike and that part of her could pop out at any moment. And although she had so many despicable behaviors, she never had any ill will towards anyone and was always trying to do the right thing.”

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Once NBC revived the series, Megan slipped right back into character. “I felt like she’d just been in there standing by, waiting for the curtain to go back up or something,” she told Entertainment Tonight earlier this month. “It was all just right there.”

To celebrate Karen’s return to the small screen, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite one-liners of hers. Scroll down and read each one in the high-pitched, highfalutin voice of a tipsy one-percenter.