It’s the end of an era! In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Julia Roberts admitted that she’s done playing the funny, quirky girl in romantic comedies. In fact, she said the only way that she would star in another rom-com again is if she played a different role.

“Unless we [play] the parents of the people that are rom-com-ing,” Julia, 50, said and explained why. “There came a point in my career where people thought I had turned on romantic comedies, which I love them, I love to be in them, I love to watch them. But sometimes, they just don’t work at a certain point of life experience.”

Julia Roberts In 'Pretty Woman'
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Julia Roberts In ‘Pretty Woman.’

It’s certainly sad to hear that Julia won’t be starring in any more movies like Pretty WomanMy Best Friend’s Wedding, and Valentine’s Day. For the veteran actress, she’s learned that although her fans love to see her in romantic comedy films, they know that she’s not as naive as the character that she plays on the big screen. “It’s not about age, it’s just about what people know that you know,” she said.

Julia has since been working on other projects like her new TV series, Homecoming. Her role as Heidi Bergman is definitely a lot different than the regular upbeat characters that she plays. Heidi is a former government worker who tries to keep her sanity after she stumbles across a big secret. The secret leads Heidi to question everything around her and slowly lose her sanity.

Julia Roberts
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“It was a great mental challenge every day,” Julia previously told Variety about starring in Homecoming. “For me, it’s just nice to bring something into people’s homes. We’re like a delivery service — we’re delivering entertainment into your homes.”