How cool is this?! On Thursday, Aug. 2, Julia Roberts attended a special performance of Pretty Woman: The Musical on Broadway in NYC that honored the life of Garry Marshall, the Pretty Woman movie’s director. For the event, Julia also paid homage to the late filmmaker — who sadly died in 2016 from pneumonia — by donning a Laverne & Shirley t-shirt, as the beloved 1970s series was also a show that Garry helped create. 

In a previous interview with Entertainment Tonight, Julia said that she will always be grateful for everything that Garry taught her throughout her career. “Enough could not be said of my relationship with Garry Marshall and what that’s done for me as a person, just having the confidence to be funny, and goofy, and find that side of creativity,” she shared. “I’ve never thought twice when Garry asked me to do something.”

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At the Pretty Woman event, Julia was dressed to impress but she did seem a bit overwhlemed. When she first arrived, paparazzi immediately swarmed her car and the actress was allegedly overheard telling the photogs to give her more space. “Too close guys, too close,” she yelled, according to Entertainment Tonight. But Julia appeared to relax more when she joined honoree Garry’s close friends and family for a few red carpet pics. 

Garry’s widow, Barbara Marshall, and their family attended the event and took a few photos with Julia before heading inside to watch the show. When Barbara spoke to Entertainment Tonight, she explained how happy Garry would be to have Julia watch the performance. “He’d be so excited,” Barbara said. “We’re sitting with her to watch what she thinks when she sees the singing and the dancing.” 

julia with barbara and her family. (photo credit: getty images)

Julia with Barbara and her family. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Unfortunately, Richard Gere — who played Edward Lewis in the 1990 Pretty Woman film was unable to make it to the NYC performance because he’s busy working in London, but Barbara assured he’d see the show at a later time. Pretty Woman: The Musical is set to open on Broadway on Aug. 16.