Back in September 2017, Julia Louis-Dreyfus revealed she was diagnosed with breast cancer. However, after six rounds of chemo, the comedian says that her rough journey still has her a bit scared.

The 58-year-old recently sat down with Vanity Fair to discuss many things, including her time dealing with the disease, and how things are now that she has battled it. “I’m still working it out, to be honest with you,” the Seinfeld alum told the outlet. “I’m glad I got through it, but there’s a part of me that’s still a little frightened, you know?” Once the actress shared her diagnosis, she received plenty of support from those close to her, and from people she didn’t even know.

“In many ways it was very nice to get the support from the outside world,” the Golden Globe winner explained. “Having said that, I didn’t consider that it would’ve taken on a life of its own, which it did. It’s such a personal thing that I never would have put anything like that out there if I hadn’t had to.” This isn’t the first time that the TV star has opened up about her cancer battle — she once touched on the subject with The New Yorker.

“There were people with long lenses trying to get pictures of me looking ill, and I think I kind of burst the bubble on a lot of it because of my social-media presence,” Julia said of how things went down once everyone knew of her situation. Through it all she tried to stay strong. “Don’t misunderstand: I was to — my — bones terrified,” she said. “But I didn’t let myself — except for a couple of moments — go to a really dark place. I didn’t allow it.”


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She continued, “You know if you get on a horse and you have really tight reins and the horse is galloping? I felt like I had really tight reins on myself. That’s what it felt like: I was just holding on tight … I’ve had a really rough year, blah, blah, blah — you know, we’re getting through it.”

It is so incredible to see just how strong Julia was through her entire battle. We wish her nothing but the best moving forward!