Say it ain’t so! In an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, Seinfeld alum John O’Hurley revealed he does not believe the sitcom would survive in 2017 — so don’t hold your breath for a reboot.

Seinfeld was about the irresponsibilities of young people back in a time when it was okay to be irresponsible. I don’t think it would survive right now. Also, you know why? It would have [cell phones]. That was never part of Seinfeld, and I think it would take away from the show because Seinfeld was about people actually looking at each other and talking, or not looking at each other and talking, but it was about one of the two things,” he explained during a Facebook Live while promoting his new movie Swing Away.

“It was about connection or disconnection, and I don’t think it would work in a cell phone world because it would be too easily replicated. It was about authentic communication. When the show went off the air, that was the day the music died.”

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However, John is most definitely still in touch with his old cast mates. “It’s a very small world. I still keep Chicago: The Musical on Broadway, I kept that alive on tour, I have my one-man show on tour, and so consequently, Jerry Seinfeld is always coming in either the day before or the day after me, so I always leave a pair of dirty socks in the drawer for him. Shh!” he joked.

You can currently see John in Swing Away, which he said is “one of the prettiest films [he’s] ever shot.” He will also once again host the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving Day on NBC.

Watch the full interview in the video below!

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