With a highly nuanced, decades-long career, John Malkovich has a rare ability to discreetly melt himself into each new role. His latest project is the Apple TV+ historical drama, The New Look, which is based on the true stories of fashion icons Christian Dior and Coco Chanel during the grim years of Nazi-occupied France during World War II. John, 70, plays Dior’s soft spoken, mentor and boss, Lucien Lelong, who fought the Nazi plan to move the fashion industry to Berlin. “While I knew about the Nazi occupation of France, I didn’t know much about Lucien,” John exclusively tells Closer. “Probably what made him noteworthy was his ability to recognize talent.”

Despite his legendary success, the two-time Oscar nominee is modest about his Hollywood legacy.“I don’t need to be remembered,” admits John. “I want to be remembered by my family and friends as somebody who loved them and not some kind of gloomy, existential lonely figure. I like to laugh in life. I’ve met wonderful people and I’ve had an incredible life.”