The Silence of the Lambs star Jodie Foster blamed a bona fide acting legend for the reason she was on crutches at the 2018 Oscars on Sunday, March 4, but the real reason isn't nearly as interesting. A representative for Jodie revealed to People that the 55-year-old hurt her leg while skiing a few weeks ago.

So, what was the story Jodie told Oscar attendees about her injury on Sunday night? "Streep!" she exclaimed on-stage as the audience laughed at the implausibility of Meryl Streep hurting anyone. Jodie then added, "Yeah, she I, Tonya'd me. But you know, I'd, uh, prefer not to discuss it."


Jodie's co-presenter Jennifer Lawrence held her own in the on-stage banter, telling Jodie, "You know, she tripped me once." (You'll likely recall Jennifer fell as she climbed the stairs to the Oscars podium in 2013.) The actresses agreed to not talk any further about Meryl — for "legal reasons," Jennifer joked — but got a couple more jokes in before presenting the award for Best Actress. "She's always so nice at the luncheons," Jennifer observed to Jodie, who then quipped, "Well, she's acting."

This hilarious Oscars presentation isn't the first collaboration between these two actresses. Jodie previously cast a then-teenaged J.Law in her 2011 comedy The Beaver, a fact Jennifer referenced in their Oscars presentation. "It's a new day in Hollywood, with new challenges ahead for all of us," Jennifer said. "But none of us will ever forget those who came before us, those who blazed a trail for my generation and for those to come, like Jodie, who gave me one of my first jobs when I was 19 and has inspired me every day since."

And speaking of "a new day in Hollywood," Jodie and Jen were chosen as Oscar presenters because Casey Affleck skipped this year's Time's Up-centric ceremony. It's customary for the previous year's Best Actor winner to present the current year's Best Actress award, but Casey ditched the duty since he's the subject of sexual misconduct allegations. ("Casey took himself out of an awkward situation," E! host Josh Horowitz explained.) We're glad — especially because otherwise we wouldn't have witnessed Jodie and Jen's uproarious comedy routine!