She just wants to be like Ellen!

While on the red carpet at an event in London, actress Joan Collins had a brilliant idea to recreate the viral Oscar selfie host Ellen DeGeneres snapped during the awards ceremony. Only it didn’t work out quite as well.

Collins gathered a group of British stars including Sir Ben Kingsley, Dominic West, Luke Evans and Jeremy Irons for the pic, but the final result was pretty blurry and accidentally cut a lot of people out!

We guess the English actress won’t stop acting to become a photographer anytime soon!

According to several reports, the Dynasty star attempted to get Prince Charles in on the action, who was there to host the Prince’s Trust & Samsung Celebrate Success Awards, but he politely declined.

As of Thursday afternoon, the photo had significantly less retweets than the Ellen selfie, hitting just over 400. She has a long way to go if she hopes to surpass the Oscar host’s 3.3 million!

joan collins

Collins laughs with Prince Charles on the red carpet