For 57-year-old former model Jerry Hall, her career on the runway and in the pages of magazines was a dream come true.

But as she watches her 22-year-old daughter Georgia May Jagger embark on a similar path, Hall admits she’s worried about how much the industry has changed since she last graced a catwalk.

“It has changed a lot because when I was a model there weren’t things like the Internet,” Hall remembers.

“We had a lot of time backstage to chat and joke around. We had much longer, more relaxed lunches. Every model had a distinct personality they showed off,” she shares of her time in the spotlight.

And although the blonde beauty looks back fondly at her successful career, she admits she had doubts in the beginning, especially when she was asked to pose for a risqué photo shoot.

“My first photo-shoot was with Helmut Newton for “Photo” magazine,” explains Hall. “We were in Pigalle, Paris, and we chose clothing that was very sexy.

“At one point I burst into tears and said, ‘I want to be a model, this is porn!’ And he replied, ‘No, this is art,’” she says.

But the mom-of-four, and former wife of rock legend Mick Jagger, couldn’t be more grateful for the life she’s led.

jerry hall

“I was very lucky and was able to work from a young age with the likes of Yves Saint Laurent and Thierry Mugler, lots of genius designers,” Hall says.

“I’m very proud of my long career, and have had the chance to work with a lot of talented people,” she tells France’s Madame Figaro. “It was a dream.”