She’s a dancer, singer, and a phenomenal actress, but if there’s anything that Jennifer Lopez does better than anything it’s starring in romantic comedies! The mom-of-two recently shared the first trailer for her new movie, Second Act, on Instagram and it looks so cute.

Like most of her rom-coms, J.Lo normally plays the quirky, funny, and beautiful woman who learns valuable life lessons and is always determined to reach her goals. In Second Act, the singer stars alongside the hilarious Leah Remini, who gives a memorable performance playing the supportive best friend.

In the upcoming flick — set to hit theaters this November! — Jennifer stars as Maya, a woman who lands her dream job with the help of a few white lies. However, after she gets the job, she realizes that it’s harder to keep than she thought. But with the help of her best friend Joan (played by Leah), Maya is able to change her life story and show just how many endless goals a woman with only street smarts can achieve.

Second Act is definitely an inspirational movie that teaches people to never use the word “can’t.” The movie tests the theory of mind over matter and shows that anyone can reach their goals no matter where they come from, especially if they are a hard-working dreamer like J.Lo. We can’t wait to watch the movie this fall!

second act

Jennifer and Leah in Second Act.