Who doesn’t wish they had a body like a celeb, let alone the drop-dead gorgeous figure of 48-year-old actress Jennifer Aniston? Seriously, what does she do to look completely amazing?! Recently, Jennifer sat down with Now To Love and revealed her diet and exercise secrets — and because of her confessions, we’re officially dubbing the super-relaxed star “Zen Jen.”

Along with her personal trainer, at-home, sleeping bag-style saunas (yes, really), and using the treadmill, Jen is also all about finding her inner-chill through strength-conditioning classes that are as physically effective as they are mindfully meditative — and she has the mind, body, and soul to prove it. Scroll down to see Jen’s diet and exercise routine!

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She relies on her go-to sweat sessions!

Mixing things up throughout the year, Jen explained that 2017 is about being back in the gym and sweating it out with an interval-loving personal trainer. “I’m working with my trainer who has me pushing really heavy things, throwing heavy things, whipping around ropes, and crawling across the floor,” she said. “He’s a fabulous trainer, but it’s very different to what I usually do.”

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The Horrible Bosses star continued to say, “I love The Class by Taryn Toomey, [which is a yoga-based strength class also described as a cathartic mind-body experience]. It’s like a massive moving meditation that’s therapeutic and physical — it ticks all the boxes. It’s 75-minutes long and it’s a pretty powerful experience,” she said.

Aside from her personal training sessions and The Class, Jen has a few at-home workout tips for those among us who are too busy to make it to a group-training class. “I’ll run on a treadmill and do intervals for 45 minutes just to get a really good sweat and burn going,” she continued, adding that along with getting her heart rate up, she finds a calming, rejuvenating solace in infrared saunas. “You can buy portable ones online,” she said, “but I do think they have them in spas now. It’s like jumping into an infrared sleeping bag for an hour, which does so much good for your cellular rejuvenation and detoxification.”

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She eats a very healthy (but doable) diet!

Appearing in movie after movie (and, sometimes, bikini after bikini), Jen maintains a regular diet that’s loaded with the kind of good-for-you foods that all of us probably have in our very own kitchens and pantries. “I was never a breakfast person, so I’ve had to make myself become a breakfast person because it’s such an important meal,” she said. “Usually a smoothie would be my best go-to in the morning because it’s simple and easy. In the cooler months, I love oatmeal with cinnamon and bananas.”

Her typical lunch involves eating protein with salad or vegies, followed by a snack — like an apple and a soup. Dinner is much of the same for Jen, but she won’t deny herself a treat afterwards! “I treat myself to a frozen yogurt for dessert if I want to have a sweet fix,” she said. “I do a little frozen yogurt, but I’m not a sweet person. My downfall is savory: it’s chips, it’s cheese — all of the salty and savory stuff. I mean, I can look at a chocolate cake and do nothing with it; it doesn’t affect me in any way.” Lucky for her!

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She knows meditation is just as important as exercise!

Mindfulness, it truly is a powerful thing (trust us, science says so…), which is something Zen Jen can certainly attest to, with this perpetually busy celebrity admitting that understanding why you work out is imperative for achieving the results of the workout you choose to do.

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“It’s vital to exercise — not just to stay strong, to not become lazy. It’s such a game-changer if I have an injury and I can’t sweat or move my body, I just start to feel such a difference in my mood,” she said, explaining that exercising extends far further than solely focusing on your abs or core. “I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about meditation that gives me such a charge in the morning for me to take on the day — things will just roll off me in a much easier way.”

This post was written by Ellie McDonald It originally appeared on our sister site, Now to Love.